EPDM rubber flat roofs

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One of the benefits of using One Stop Roofing is our customers gain from our experts extensive knowledge. As part of our free consultation service we will advise on the best materials for your new roof.

EPDM firestone rubber roofing is flexible, but also durable and is not prone to moss or algae.While it is flexible enough to fit around pipes, skylights and gutters, it won’t crack from extreme moisture and dryness and should give you 30-50 years of useful life.

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One Stop Roofing is environmentally conscious and the bonus of EPDM rubber roofing is that it’s made of recycled materials. This makes it environmentally friendly when compared to alternative roofing systems. EPDM rubberis suitable for both commercial and residential applications and comes with the reassurance of a 25 year guarantee.

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